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Panko Architects is an insured and bonded architectural design company and is certified by the National Council of Architects Registration Board (NCARB). Architect States of California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Guam (Plus 20 additional states) National Council Architectures Registration Board Certificate (NCARB ) Owner, Stanley Panko is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Stanley E. Panko, AIA NCARB



Education, Professional Affiliations / General Information & Awards

Washington State University, Bachelors of Science, Architecture (5 year degree) Washington State University, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

Corporate Member, American Institute of Architects (San Mateo County Chapter) Professional Liability Insurance: $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 Business Established in San Mateo, CA (1974) Business Size Classification: Small Business with 10 personnel or less Business Type: California Corporation

Honolulu Award of Merit,Kress Building Renovation/ Hawaii Builders Association Award (Hilo, HI) Award for Design Excellence, San Mateo City Hall (San Mateo, CA) / American Institute of Architects Award of Merit, Video Moments Retail Store (San Mateo, CA) / American Institute of Architects Award for Design Excellence, Twin Oaks Office Complex (San Mateo, CA) / American Institute of Architects Award of Merit, Decorative Building Columns (Art Deco Style) / Honolulu Magazine Honor Award, Kress Building Historic Renovation (Hilo, HI) / Historic Hawaii Foundation Design Award for Building Rehabilitation, California Building officials Design Award, Steel Footbridge / National Competition American Society of Welding and Steel Award for 2010 Best of San Mateo Architectural Firm / United States Commerce Association.

Our Projects

Residential, Multi Family, Commercial, Retail, Recreational, Vault, Melting Pot and Medical


2nd Floor Addition /images/2nd Floor Addition.jpg 2nd Floor Addition /images/Before After Remodel.jpg Residence Remodel /images/Residence Remodel.jpg Los Altos Residence /images/Los Altos Residence.jpg
Manor Drive /images/ManorDrive_thumbnail.jpg Master Suite Addition /images/Master Suite Addition.jpg Master Suite Addition /images/WillowGlen_thumbnail.jpg Second Floor Addition /images/Second Floor Addition.jpg

Stan Panko is responsible for several hundred custom homes on the San Francisco Peninsula, in  addition to other project types throughout his career. He first worked with Anshen & Allen  Architects doing Eichler homes in the early 1960's and later was commissioned to do his first  custom home for Arthur Court in 1964. Mr. Court continues as a client after forty years, which  exemplifies the design excellence and commitment to residential design by Stan Panko. Today his  work is on the San Francisco Peninsula and Hawaii.

Residential Design is about the livability, meeting family needs and providing a strong sense of  place that's called home.

Through careful listening and questioning, homes are designed to express the clients' personalities  and accommodate their needs, including their dreams and visions.

In remodeling and additions, the design of the original home, along with the scale and  neighborhood setting are always factors in working towards a design solution. This is why many of my designs appear to be widely different. You will see numerous styles including Contemporary, Colonial, Craftsman, Bungalow, Mediterranean, Tudor, and California Contemporary Ranch. However, you will find each home has a strong sense of place and reflects the client's needs and personality.

Single Family Residence

33 Cobblestone, San Carlos


15 North Ellsworth Avenue
(San Mateo, CA)

919 El Camino Real Office Building
(San Mateo, CA)

Accinelli & Mauser Realty Building
(Millbrae, CA)

Applied Signal Technology Campus
(Sunnyvale, CA)

B Street Court
(San Mateo, CA)

Cambridge Place
(Palo Alto, CA)

Cleanrooms Ideal Environment Portable Units
(States of Oregon & Washington)

Crespi Plaza
(Pacifica, CA)

Dollinger Commercial Center
(Burlingame, CA)

Half Moon Bay Commercial Center
(Half Moon Bay, CA)

L.T. Alexander Development Building
(San Mateo, CA)

Main St. Office Building
(Walnut Creek, CA)


Punahele Medical, Hilo HI

San Leandro Office Center

San Mateo City Hall

Corporate Office, Hilo HI

Commercial Rennovation

Menlo Park Medical Office Building
(Menlo Park ,CA)

MROSD Office T.I. & Renovations

(Mountain View, CA)

Plumbers Union Classroom and Shop Building
(Burlingame,  CA)

Roberts Medical Office Building
(Redwood City, CA)

San Mateo City Hall
(San Mateo, CA)

San Mateo Financial Office Building
(San Mateo, CA)

San Mateo Performing Arts Center
(San Mateo, CA)

Swissport Office Central Terminal
(Gate #17 SFO)

TEBA Office Building
(South San Francisco, CA)

Twin Oaks Office Complex
(San Mateo, CA)

Wells Fargo Office Building
(Burlingame, CA)

          Visa Office T.I. & Renovations                           

  (San Mateo, CA)

              Interland Office Building                          

(San Mateo, CA) 


Multi Family

Baycreek Condominiums
(192 units)

Baywood Avenue Townhomes
(9 units)

Bradford Park Townhomes
(8 units)

Canyon Oaks Condominiums
(130 units)

Casa Madera Townhomes
(65 units)

Countrybrook Townhomes
(416 units)

Coves Apartment Complex
(924 units)

Creekside Condominiums
(192 units)

Florabunda Townhomes
(8 units)

Greens Garden Apartment Complex
(200 units)

Greenpoint Apartment Complex
(184 units)

Laurel Oaks Condominiums
(36 units)

Miramar Torino Townhomes
(12 units)

Pacific Manor Development
(30 Townhomes)

Highland Park Apartment Complex
(12 units)


San Mateo Townhomes

Punahele Medical, Hilo HI

San Leandro Office Center

San Mateo Townhomes

Rockaway Beach Townhomes

Mission Hills Estates/Subdivision
(50 units)

Morl Point Development

(202 units)

North Fair Oaks Apartment
Complex (72 units)

Park Mall Condominiums
(40 units)

Waiakea Villas
(Hilo, HI ; 271 units)

Wailoa Gardens
(Hilo, HI ; 18 units)

Park Plaza Apartment Complex
(48 units)

Plaza Camino Real
Condominiums (84 units)

Points West Apartment Complex
(260 units)

Portola's Landing Condominiums
(40 units)

Royal Oaks Condominiums
(28 units)

Village Condominiums
(28 units)

Villa Tellone Apartment Complex
(18 units)

Villa Terrace
(10 units)

Serramonte Del Rey Apartment Complex
(396 units)


Serramonte Del Rey


Baycreek Recreation Center
(San Mateo, CA)

City of Sunnyvale Gold Cart Facility
(Sunnyvale, CA)

Coyote Point Recreation Center
(San Francisco, CA)

Elks Lodge Women's Gym
(San Mateo, CA)

Hillside Recreation Center
(Daly City, CA)


Maui Mall Cinameplex

Guam Cinameplex

Millbrae Rec. Center

Komohana Golf Club
(Hilo, HI)

Midpeninusla Regional Open
Space District Operations Facility

(Rancho, San Antonio, Open Space Preserve)

Millbrae Historical Association /
Museum and Recreational Facility

Sharpe Army Depot Racquetball Club
(Lathrop, CA)

Sundown Tennis Club
(San Mateo, CA)

Villa Peralta Recreation Center
(Union City, CA)

What-A-Racquet Racquetball Courts
(Colma, CA)

Wallace Theaters Cinameplex
(Guam ; Hilo, HI), Mauimall
Mega Plex (Maui, HI)



Selected Medical Facility and Assisted
Living Projects

Ayerst Laboratories
(Foster City, CA)

Carcinex Cancer Research
(Burlingame, CA)

Clinical Pharmacy
(Hilo, HI)

Community Dental EMC Building
(San Mateo, CA)

Crystal Springs Medical Building
(San Mateo, CA)

Crystal Springs Medical Tower Renovation
(San Mateo, CA)

Daly City Medical Office Building
(Daly City, CA)

East Bay Neurology Center
(Berkeley, CA)

Hillsdale Immediate Care Center
(San Mateo, CA)

Hilo Community Surgery Center
(Hilo, HI)

Ho Assisted Living Center
(Honolulu, HI)

Hui Malama Medical Center
(Hilo, HI)


IPRI Micropropagation Interiors

(San Carlos, CA)

Ivy House Assisted Living

(San Mateo, CA)

Kramer Medical Building
(Oakland, CA)

Letterman Hospital Renovation,
Presidio of San Francisco

(San Francisco, CA)

Medical Offices for Peter Webb, M.D.
(San Mateo, CA)

Mills Square Medical Tenant

(San Mateo, CA)

Northern California Kidney
Stone Center

(Los Altos, CA)

Pacific Industrial Medical Clinic
(Burlingame, CA)

Peninsula Humane Society
(San Mateo, CA)

PPGG Women's Health Clinic
(Menlo Park, CA)

PPGG Health Clinic
(San Rafael, CA)

Punahele Medical Building
(Hilo, HI)


Robert's Medical Clinic
(Redwood City, CA)

Royal Kona Medical Center

(Kallua-Kana, HI)

San Leandro Medical Building,
Dr. Gee Clinic

(San Leandro, CA)

San Mateo Medical Building,
Dr. Hanfling

Clinic (San Mateo, CA)

San Mateo Medical Clinic
(San Mateo, CA)

Simmonds Medical Clinic
(Redwood City, CA)

Talden Medical Building
(San Mateo, CA)

Takase OBGYN Clinic
(Hilo, HI)

Telegraph Medical Center
(Berkeley, CA)

U.S. Navy Medical Facility

(Fallon, NV)

Waiakea Medical Clinic
(Hilo, HI)

Web Medical Office
(San Mateo, CA)



Auto Access Automobile /
Showroom Renovation

Carwash Enterprises Inc.

Banana Republic Retail Stores
and As-Built Surveys

Blockbuster Video Retail Stores
(over 15 projects)

Davis St. Retail Shops
(San Landeo, CA)

Gap Retail Storesand As Built Surveys
(Over 200 projects)

I. Magnin
Building Renovations

Kress Building
Historic Restoration /
Retail and Office Space

Laurelwood Kim's Holiday Cleaners

Marina Market/ Retail Market

Marina Plaza Center
/ Retail Stores and Shopping
Center Renovation

Blockbuster Video Retail Stores
(over 15 projects)

Palos Verdes Shopping Center
/ Renovation and Additions
(Walnut Creek, CA)


Neighborhood Shopping

Retail Shops

Retail Outlet Stores

Retail Store

Parkside Plaza Center
/ Retail Stores and
Shopping Center Renovation

Midpeninusla Regional Open
See's Candies Retail Stores

(over 75 projects)

Sgt. Leisure Retail Stores

Smart and Final Grocery Store

Stanley Square
/ Neighborhood Shopping
Center Renovation

Storybook Heirlooms
/ Retail Stores

Streamers Party Stores
/ Prototype Retail Store
(13 additional Retail Stores)

Tutu Nene
(/ Retail Store

Video Moments
/ Prototype Retail Store

Waikaloa Hat Company
/ Retail Store

Waiakea Villages
/ Retail Stores and Renovation



/images/012Vaul.jpg /images/041Vault.jpg /images/062Vault.jpg /images/069Vault.jpg /images/2140Vault.jpg

Vault 164 Restaurant - 2nd and ‘B’ Street, San Mateo, CA 94401 (two exterior and three interior)Renovation of the Crocker Bank Building with an old Bank Vault design theme.

Melting Pot

/images/melting pot/Melting Pot 1.jpg /images/melting pot/Melting Pot 2.jpg /images/melting pot/Melting Pot 3.jpg

San Mateo Train Station, South B St. San Mateo The Melting pot designed for a train station is a perfect setting for Fondue Style of dining when people come together and enjoy romantic evenings. A relaxed setting:





We are a small professionals with over 40 years of experience. We are principals totally focused on our clients and their needs. We move at their pace, and the range of what we do is driven by their needs as we see and anticipate them. That means that we constantly push the envelope of our work and services, engaging our clients across their strategic cycle. First and foremost, we're a design firm. We create great places that enhance the quality of work and life. The return of these enhancements is substantial,empowered, people entertained and brought together happily.


We have organized our services to support our clients at every stage in the real estate and facilities cycle, from initial strategy through implementation and management. This is why we offer a range of services that includes master planning, feasibility studies, architecture and design,interior planning and design and construction administration services. Our services are integrated, both to deliver projects effectively and ensure that every viewpoint is brought to bear in the development.We have an entrepreneurial culture, flat and non-hierarchical, that's organized around our clients. Everyone benefits from outstanding performance.

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Panko Architecture services the San Francisco Peninsula area (San Francisco to San Jose). They also service Honolulu, Kona and Hilo, Hawaii.